Turkeys first Bitcoin ATM!

ATM period has begun for buying cryptocurrencies with Thodex!

Bitcoin ATM’s worldwide popularity increasing day by day and are ow much closer to you.

With Bitcoin ATM, you can Buy Sell cryptocurrencies quickly and securely any time.

Bitcoin ATM What is it

With Bitcoin ATM you can convert Bitcoins and Altcoins into cash or cash into Bitcoin and Altcoins. With bitcoin ATM’s you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies quickly, simply and securely.

Bitcoin ATM How to use?

Bitcoin ATM is extremely easy to use! First select the language you want to process. Then choose the currency you want to buy or convert into cash. Enter the amount you want to convert in the window that opens and press the “Continue” button. You can get your cash or Bitcoin from the ATM, soon after the transaction starts.

Beside, you can easily convert, not only Bitcoin but also different cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATM Things Your Wondering About?

*What transactions can I do with an ATM?
With Bitcoin ATM, you can convert your cash into cryptocurrency or your cryptocurrencies into cash.
*How can I use the ATM?
Bitcoin ATM is very easy to use. You can complete your transactions quickly by following the directions.
*Can I trust the ATM?
Rest assured when making transactions with an ATM! You can safely buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoin transactions with Bitcoin ATM.
*Which cryptocurrencies are used in the ATM
You can perform your Bitcoin and Altcoin trading transactions quickly and easily via ATM.
*What is the upper and lower limit when making transactions with an ATM?
The minimum transaction limit of the ATM is 100TL, and the maximum transaction limit is 500tl.
*How long does it take to make a transaction at the ATM?
You can complete your transactions quickly and safely in a few minutes by following the instructions on the screen.
Do not share the verification code sent to your mobile phone with anyone during the transaction via ATM
For questions regarding ATM, you can contact us on [email protected]
You can make your ATM transactions at City’s Nişantaşı Shopping Centre between 10:00 – 22:00.

Bitcoin ATM Where?