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What are Bitcoin Uses in Business and Daily Life?

As one of the new financial instruments of the Bitcoin information age society, it is increasingly on the agenda.
2020-10-12 16:30:13

What are Bitcoin's Uses in Business and Daily Life?

As one of the new financial instruments of the Bitcoin information age society, it is increasingly on the agenda. Bitcoin, introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamato in 2009, is even considered a technological revolution according to some. Indeed, the number of people who think that the Bitcoin system, or rather the entire cryptocurrency system, will become a large financial system in the coming years is not limited.

Countries accepting Bitcoin

Some countries have officially accepted Bitcoin and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are widely and actively used in these countries.


In Canada, which is one of the countries that has legally accepted Bitcoin, Bitcoin is regarded as any “value" allowed for trading. However, strict security standards have also been introduced for Bitcoin investments. As part of these standards, the state required the registration of cryptocurrency exchanges and imposed an obligation to notify suspicious transfers to these platforms to the relevant authorities.


Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies have been formally accepted by Australia and under more flexible conditions than most countries.

European Union

Although the situation has not yet occurred in a common standard for European Union countries, no attempt has been made to restrict and prohibit the processing of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in European Union states. With the introduction of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trade in the European Union, many countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium have made special arrangements in favour of Bitcoin, which has the highest value in the cryptocurrency market.

United States

The United States is one of the countries that gives Bitcoin the green light. The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States has decided that Bitcoin and altcoins cannot be considered as securities; rather, they represent a currency. In line with this decision, cryptocurrencies were legally accepted by the Financial Crimes Execution Network (FinCen). 

Usage areas of cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Although the cryptocurrency exchange has begun to be widely used in these countries, the intensity of use in daily life is still in the development phase. Bitcoins and altcoins are often used for investment and trade worldwide.

Although cryptocurrency exchanges have essentially common features with traditional exchanges, they differ in many respects. These platforms, which provide a high level of security compared to the banking system, provide a high level of anonymity and eliminate the need for "intermediary". Through the "wallet" applications offered by cryptocurrency exchanges, users' cryptocurrencies are securely protected. It should also be noted here that large investors use these wallet systems as a precaution against potential risks that may arise in the markets.

The future of cryptocurrencies

One of the reflections of cryptocurrency use on the business world was cloud mining and Bitcoin mining. In addition, we can see Bitcoin's place in everyday life from Bitcoin ATMs. Thodex Bitcoin ATM, which serves as Turkey's first Bitcoin ATM, is an explicit example of this. Although these ATMs are not much different from classical ATMs, they are produced for cryptocurrency transactions.

In addition, although cryptocurrencies are valid in some countries, in some supermarkets, in some e-commerce sites and in various retail stores, it is seen that this is still in a newly developing application and spreading phase.

As a result, it is known that the most common use of cryptocurrencies today is investment. Given the rapid development of blockchain technology that forms the infrastructure of cryptocurrencies and the increasing application areas every day, it is clear that Bitcoin and altcoins will have more place in daily life.

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