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Which Cryptocurrencies can be Invested in Thodex?

Thodex, which has recently gained an international corporate identity by providing services on a global scale, can be considered an attractive option by offering the lowest commission rates.
2020-10-12 17:31:55

Which Cryptocurrencies can be Invested in Thodex?

The issue of cryptocurrency has been drawing more attention day by day since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. By 2017, Bitcoin, whose value exceeded $20,000, has showed that it would be a permanent and new alternative. Thereupon, many investors started trading on platforms called cryptocurrencies exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are generally designed in the form of a virtual system in which any decentralized, untraceable, untraceable blocks prepared from passwords created only by data and algorithms are connected to one another. Upon the launch of Bitcoin, many developers developed altcoins and revived the market. Subsequently, the number of cryptocurrencies spreading in a short period of time exceeded 1,000 today, and this number is increasing with the emergence of new ones.

Bitcoins and altcoins are purely virtual, physically meaningless, have only numerical values and cannot be controlled from any center. Therefore, cryptocurrency exchanges play a very important role in the safe purchase and sale of such assets. These platforms also provide a wallet service where cryptocurrencies can be stored.

Thodex, which has recently gained an international corporate identity by providing services on a global scale, can be considered an attractive option by offering the lowest commission rates. Thanks to the innovations Thodex brought to the industry and the various advantages it provided to its users, Thodex has succeeded in becoming a crypto-currency stock exchange that many investors safely prefer.

What is Thodex?

Thodex is a stock exchange where cryptocurrencies are traded. Membership to the platform, which offers the most current prices to its users and gains the trust of investors with its diversity of services and different advantages, can be made very easily and completely free of charge.

How to become a member of Thodex

To perform Thodex membership process, visit Thodex corporate website first. The “Create a free account” tab on the homepage is then used. Here, the person who initiated the membership process is asked to create a password as well as name, surname, e-mail address and mobile phone information.

After completing the requested information completely and correctly, it is requested to approve the "Membership and Use Agreement" and “Lighting and Consent Text” sections after reading them. Finally, the membership process is completed through the "Create an account" tab.

In order to trade on Thodex cryptocurrency exchange, users are required to perform profile approval. For this purpose, the "My Profile” section at the top should be visited after logging into the website. By communicating the information required for the approval process in this section, the process is completed through the "Submit my profile for approval" tab at the bottom. Once the profile is approved soon, your membership opens to cryptocurrencies deposits and trading.

What services does Thodex provide to investors?

In addition to individual accounts, Thodex provides all services required to be on a stock exchange for investors, including opening corporate accounts for legal entities.

Investors can track changes in exchange rates of Bitcoin and altcoins on the Thodex website, see the highest and lowest prices of listed cryptocurrency prices within 24 hours, track how much daily transaction volume is and periodically changes through relevant graphs.

After users make deposits at Thodex, they encounter a grocery store to make cryptocurrencies. They make EFT or wire transfers via the bank accounts defined in the Thodex account for use in deposit transactions. In addition, users with money accounts can also make deposits here. In addition, Thodex users can transfer cryptocurrencies in different stock exchanges to Thodex account.

In addition, Thodex provides wallet transfer and wallet transfer services to its users. Cryptocurrency investors can thus easily make deposits using their wallet addresses and transfer the cryptocurrencies they purchased in Thodex to their wallets.

Is Thodex a reliable cryptocurrency exchange?

The fact that the number of cryptocurrency exchanges has increased over time makes the issue of which platform is safe among investors even more important. This is precisely where the question of whether Thodex is reliable comes to mind.

Thodex provides process security with a two-step security system. In addition to this the process provided through phone confirmation code at the entrance to the website, Thodex's Customer Recognition (KYC) system also plays an important role in the security process. If anything unusual is detected in the users' account, the user is promptly notified. For these security measures to function properly, all the information contained in the membership consent form must be filled out correctly.

Thodex implements certain policies to maintain its services in a transparent and honest environment within the framework of safety standards. One is the Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML) and the other is the Customer Diagnostic Policy (KYC).

Which cryptocurrencies can be traded in Thodex?

Soon after Bitcoin began trading on the market, more than 1000 altcoins emerged. Listed in the wide portfolio of Thodex are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, TRON, Monero, EOS, Cardano, Bittorrent, USDTether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, XRP, Stellar, Nem, Bitcoin Gold and Ethereum Classic can be traded and withdrawn-deposited quickly and easily.

How is trading performed in Thodex?

Upon completion of membership and deposits in Thodex, all transactions can be performed in the panel that opens after user login. Users can use the “Market” option in this main panel and place purchase and sale orders.

For example, a user who desires to buy Bitcoin first goes to the “Buy Bitcoin” tab from the “market" section on In TRY part of the account balance herein, enter the amount of investment to be determined. The box just below shows the amount of Bitcoin that can be purchased. A purchase order is issued using the "Place purchase order" tab at the bottom. As a cryptocurrency exchange, Thodex only acts as an intermediary in this process and cryptocurrencies are fully traded between users.

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