You can use the market page for BTC purchases. The orders in the buy / sell table show the orders created by users. The amounts represent the total purchase / sales amount. The quantities can also show the orders that a user can create, or the sum of users who bid on more than one user at the same unit price. The orders placed by filling the unit price, quantity and total fields remain on the "My Open Orders" page until a suitable buyer / seller matches. After selecting the orders created by the users from the purchase / sale table, the transactions you will perform will be realized instantly.


How can I buy BTC using market order? 

In BTC purchase transactions to be made with market order, the total TRY amount to be purchased should be entered in the TRY field. The amount of BTC to be obtained in the total area will be estimated and displayed to you. Other orders placed by our other users at the time of execution of your order may cause a downward or upward movement of the final price. The transactions to be made with the market order will automatically take the order from the top order in the current table.

What should I write about the unit price, quantity and total?

The unit price is called the value you set for the cryptocurrency you want to buy. The amount indicates the number of cryptocurrencies you want to buy. The total area shows the amount of Turkish Lira you have to pay when your purchase is completed. When you fill in the unit price and quantity fields, the total part is calculated automatically and shows the total value of your purchase. When you fill in the unit price and total area, the amount of crypto money you will get is calculated in the amount field.

The current price has reached the price I have specified but my transaction has not taken place.

The current price shows only the price at which the last trading transaction took place. When a match is made with a user who has agreed to the purchase price you have set, your purchase order will be completed. All buying and selling transactions on the Thodex platform are realized among users.


Which table can I use for purchase order? 

You must use the "Sales Orders" table on the right for cryptocurrency purchases. You can use the "Purchase Orders" table for sales orders.


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