Account verification processes are progressing level by level. After creating an account, unapproved accounts can only make crypto deposits. According to the levels, certain amounts of purchase / sale and deposit / withdrawal transactions are carried out. For account approvals, you can get your account approved by filling in your personal information, starting at level 1 on the profile settings page.

Documents requested from  level 1 users

- Mail address

- User password

Documents requested from  level 2 users

- Email confirmation

- Name surname

- Date of birth ( 18- is  prohibited)

- Nationality

Documents requested from level 3 users

Level 3 Step 1

- Mobile phone number verification

Level 3 Step 2

- TC ID card selection

- ID information

- Address information

- ID photo

- Selfie with a paper written "Thodex and date" on it.

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