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The relationship between Bitcoin and Economist magazine is based on Economist magazine dated January 9, 1988. The Economist magazine, which attracted the attention of many conspiracy theorists with its predictions, brought its name together with BTC with its prediction of “Be ready for a new currency in 2018”.

Also, the year 2018 in the article published in 1988 corresponds to the rise of BTC and its content also supports the claims of Economist behind BTC! The discourses such as “monetary union in the European Union, the disappearance of inter-country borders and the liberalization of the flow of goods and people" mentioned in the coincidence article are considered as a prediction beyond coincidence.

The Economist Magazine, on the other hand, has always been distant from Bitcoin despite the comments made about it. The magazine often draws attention to different points with its answers such as being rich and big dumb theory to the question "Why do people buy Bitcoin?"

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