Manage your transactions reliably and practically through the THODEX API!
Thanks to the THODEX Cryptocurrency management API service, you can access your data remotely and provide fast and easy management. You too, with the help of API Key, immediately start to monitor your cryptocurrency trading orders and manage your other transactions!
Sign up and log into your account on THODEX

By creating a free membership, you can start your Cryptocurrency trading and benefit from THODEX privileges.

Access the API panel via your profile page and generate your personal key

After completing your membership process, you can log in to your account and access your API panel and have your personal key.

What Can I Do With THODEX API?
  • You can enter buy and sell orders and cancel the orders you have entered,
  • You can view your transaction history,
  • You can view the market history,
  • You can list open orders in all markets,
  • You can view your balances,
  • You can access instant exchange rate information.
Cryptocurrency app
THODEX Mobile Apps
Now available on iOS and Android!

With the THODEX mobile application, you can make transactions 24/7 from anywhere at any time!

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