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A Brand New Investment Experience with Thodex

Thodex, with the long cryptocurrency market experience and the knowledge related to the sector of the team members and the executives, adjusted quickly to the dynamics of the global market and provided its users to opportunity to globally invest.    Thodex, in order for its users to take position according to their needs, provide many features such as lowest commission rates, cryptocurrency (coin) diversity, stop-loss feature, affiliate system, cryptocurrency purchase and sale with credit card.  Transactions in Thodex, with its cloud based system and servers, are constantly tracked and users are protected against cyber-attacks. Thodex which is always ready for sudden increases in transactions with its flexible system is very sensitive about protection of the cryptocurrency assets of its customers. Assets are protected with top level security measures and various cold wallet methods.  Also, all users have to use two factor security (2FA) method in Thodex. Thodex provides easy communication with its fast technical support team which provides services for 24/7, customer satisfaction and security. Thodex, thanks to its quality and secure service approach, aims to become an important player in the global market in a short time. 

Everything you are looking for is in Thodex

Thodex; with its experienced team, its infrastructure which is suitable to the flexible and dynamic environment of cryptocurrency market, its strong networks, creates need oriented solutions to its users. You can safely invest by benefiting from the service quality and advantages of Thodex. 

  1. Lowest commission rates: Thodex is distinguished with the lowest commission rates in the world. Commissions which are on 0,001 rate provides an opportunity for the investors to make their transactions with the lowest commission and comfortably take position. Therefore, the profit you make from your investments is left to you and you don't have to pay high commission rates. 
  2. Mobile application: Thodex with its mobile application provides you with easy, secure and fast transaction. You can access the market information, check account activities and make transactions whenever you wish with mobile application.  Thanks to Thodex mobile application with its user friendly interface, you can access the information you are looking for from everywhere with your smartphone. 
  3. Affiliate system: With Thodex reference (affiliate) system, you will get revenue partnership for each user you made a member via reference. You can invite your friends to make transactions upon Thodex and obtain revenue in line with the commission rates that are determined upon transactions they make. Also, for each 10 users that you made a member with Thodex affiliate program, you will get 1 coupon for grant lottery campaign.
  4. Grant lottery campaign: Thodex offers to opportunity to win 2019 Porsche Panamera to its users while they make investments via grant lottery campaign. Users gain 1 coupon for lottery against each 100.000 TL volume. Each earned coupon means extra chance for lottery. With the lottery which will take place at the end of the campaign, a 2019 model Porsche Panamera will finds its owner.
  5. Cryptocurrency diversity: Thodex supports more than 40 currencies and provides its users to opportunity to invest in different cryptocurrencies. As a Thodex user, you can invest in currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, EOS, Monero, Cardano, Stellar, Tron, Dash, Nem, Zcash, Doge, Bitcoin Gold etc. which are most preferred and are located in the first 50 rank in list. 
  6. Purchasing with credit card: With Thodex, you can make your cryptocurrency purchases with credit card option.  You can identify your credit card to the system in order to purchase cryptocurrency from Thodex web site or mobile application and conclude your transaction in a short time.  
  7. Stop Loss: Stop loss is one of the mant sale and purchase order types that you can find in Thodex. Stop orders are limit orders which can be associated with an open position. Those orders aims to close the positions that you determine in the event that the transactions to against you. Stop orders are automatically applied when the stop level you determined as market price. Stop loss is an order type which saves the investor from loss.
  8. Bitcoin ATM: Thodex both gained big attention and also supported the cryptocurrency ecosystem by commissioning the first Bitcoin ATM of Turkey. Bitcoin ATM, today, provides services for numerous people every day at the most central location of İstanbul. Thodex aims to add news one to those ATMs and reach to different locations in the world.