Maximus Minting Phase Officially Concludes for the New Maxi Token

The minting phase for Maximus is officially over! The one time 14-day minting phase resulted in the staking of 294,323,603 HEX for the max length of 5555 days. This was around $50.6 million dollars worth of HEX at the time the minting phase ended. The project created a massive HEX stake for the max length of 5555 days. The contract created 42,104 T-Shares and approximately 5,327 individuals participated.

What is Maximus? Maximus was a one time 14-day event where anyone could choose to mint 1 MAXI per HEX pledged to the Maximus Contract. At the conclusion of the minting phase, the smart contract executed a single 5555 day stake with all the HEX used to mint MAXI. Once the stake ends in 15.2 years, users may redeem their portion of the HEX stake principal and earned interest. MAXI is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Maximus contract allowed individuals to pool their HEX in one huge stake, rather than staking individually. The benefits for doing so included savings on gas fees,  a larger maximum yield due to the pooling of HEX to take advantage of the Bigger Pays Better bonus. Additionally Maximus allows for instant liquidity, as MAXI tokens can be bought and sold on decentralized exchanges.

The contract address for Maxi is: 0x0d86EB9f43C57f6FF3BC9E23D8F9d82503f0e84b

The price of MAXI is derived from the price of HEX, and there maybe opportunities in the future as the market price of MAXI on decentralized exchanges fluctuates at either a premium or a discount from the treasury value of MAXI (is based on the estimated amount of HEX and Hedron redeemable per MAXI when the max length stake ends). The following chart illustrates the potential arbitrage opportunities of MAXI in the future.

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